Maryanna Hoggart and Stones 1

I’ll take ownership that I always feel a special feeling after purchasing a piece of artwork.  It is a celebration of beauty and tipping ones hat to the goodness of life.  Several months back I dropped by Guardino Gallery in Portland ( where I show my work to say hello.  That day, I discovered the work of Maryanna Hoggart.  Maybe it was because she is a transplant from Arizona, but there was a resonance I felt with her work.

Maryanna Hoggart: Stones I, Ink, Watercolor, Charcoal & Pastel on Paper., 10 x 14"

So I purchased the above piece because it some how spoke to me.  But have you ever gotten something and then suddenly had a realization about it?  Here was mine about this work:

You may know the example in the New Testament that a father, when asked by his son for bread, will give him bread not a stone.  Or if his son asks him for a fish, he will not give him a snake, he’ll give him a fish!  (Matt 7:9-12) But what if you did receive stones and snakes when you asked for food?  Perhaps you even kept asking because you hoped maybe once in a while you would get bread and fish.  There was a chance maybe things would change?   What I came to terms with was that over time maybe God can even redeem stones and snakes, and make them beautiful.  One can hope don’t you think? All things can be made new can’t they?

Maryanna’s piece has become a nice reminder of that, at least for me.  Here is her website where you can see more of her work:

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