I bared my soul on OPB and all I got was this lousy mug.

We were shuffled in and out of the interview with efficiency, receiving duplicate mugs for our troubles as we were shown the door. In a cathartic moment my manufactured mug went through a transformation the following day.

To be honest it is with some reluctance that I say anything to you about this.  At least on my part, this was not tweeted or posted on facebook when it happened.  Somethings are done out of necessity, not because you want to do them.

Several weeks ago I was on a local program here in Oregon on NPR’s radio station, called OPB.  The program airs at nine in the morning and is called “Think Out Loud.”  It covers local issues and is hosted by a gentleman by the name of Dave Miller.  There has been a driven conversation this Spring at George Fox about sexuality that caught they eye of one of the producers of the show.  So a “conversation” happened on the air between an alumni from Fox, the campus pastor Sarah Baldwin, and myself.

I entered this conversation because I care about the students here, and I believe people think too small when approaching sexuality.  Well, and voices like mine are rarely heard if ever on things like NPR, and it seemed a chance to speak for many men I know.  I had my doubts about the objectivity of the “conversation” when the first question the producer of the show asked to our campus pastor the day before was “Are you a Lesbian?”  Interesting territory.  At first the producer didn’t want me to be a part of the program because I was “too interesting.”  After some dialogue the program agreed to my inclusion.  I didn’t mention my book on air because I wanted it to be about the students, not the book. And maybe that would make me too interesting?  Perhaps it would of lent more authority to the listener’s ears as to what I did say, it was what it was….

Not a good experience, but I learned from it, and I have appreciated very much the kind comments from many people who heard it.  One lesson I’ve gleaned is just as there are “fundamentalist” Christians, their are also “fundamentalist” liberals etc… where a conversation and “dialogue” are far from their objective.  Another lesson was that one can share part of a story to make their point, but if the whole story is shared in its entirety, an all together different picture would be painted.  It all depends whether truth is your objective.

For what it’s worth, here it is.   I’ll  listen to this after 6 months or so:


Now you may ask why I disposed of such a perfectly good mug? Well, let me present my four favorite coffee mugs that are used regularly in the morning. Notice they are each hand made, carefully crafted by an artistic creator. They are individuals. Notice they each are distinct and expressive, and although each a mug, they each are individual and unique and cannot be crammed into one manufactured identity, why they are intended to be different... (all right enough here I know, you get my point).

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4 Responses to I bared my soul on OPB and all I got was this lousy mug.

  1. lomagirl says:

    I think you did a good job. It’s hard not to come off sounding like a loony when you are conservative on this issue, but you managed to, I’d say. Sara sounds great, too. It resonates so much with Biola to me.
    I suspect the admin isn’t quite as comfortable as you are with an open dialogue. It would be nice for these universities to be a safe place to explore ideas and dialogue so that young people grappling with this wouldn’t break themselves on unfriendly rocks.

  2. Scott says:

    Don’t worry too much about it. I listened to it twice and it came off better than you think, I suspect. It’s not easy to be on unfriendly ground. You never know what sort of curve ball is going to be thrown at you.

  3. beansperkins says:

    Wow Tim. That link you posted, and the discussion that follows is… incredible. I’ve been following the issue closely for a long time, but not in the George Fox context, and it becoming so close to home is so difficult, and even more conflicting. The more I read and discuss from people on either side of the line, the more conflicted I become. (Though it’s a bit of a joke to say that there is really a line or spectrum here on such a complex issue with such diverse views!)

    I just want to thank you for your words. The lecture you gave to the LACI classes may just have been the most important lecture I attended out of any class this semester, and there were some very important ones in there. I appreciate your words as they resonate a certain level of truth, love, and justice that rings truer that a lot of the other words, heater or not, I hear from many others. So many views seem incomplete and leave a gaping hole of something missing that continues to frustrate me, but some of the things you have to say start to close that gap, and reconcile the differences.

    You have a big heart and a lot of wisdom. Thank you for being who you are, and for sharing what you share. I think that even if your voice is small among the many shouting voices, it is still very important, and that your continued involvement in this critical time will provide some grease to get the conversation moving in a refreshing direction that involves loving people and obeying God at the same time in a way that makes sense. I feel that it probably doesn’t feel that way many times, but I hope and pray that your continued involvement continues to bear fruit.

    Blessings, Brendon

  4. lomagirl says:

    Biola is in the news with this issue lately- apparently they have an underground group.

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