The King Knows How

I don’t know about you, but musicians have profoundly affected my artwork just as much, if not more than visual artists have.  There are a number of them that I have followed since right out of college and graduate school.    What has impressed me is the ones that have just simply plugged away making quality work, regardless of current trends.  Perhaps that’s the hope I have for myself as an artist as well.  I admire them greatly.

Groups such as Innocence Mission, and Over the Rhine have amazed me with their consistency and pluck, and individuals such as Eddie Reader, Richard Shindell, Luka Bloom, Patty Griffin and Julie and Buddy Miller, don’t cease to make music that shows skill of heart, lyric, and musicianship. I ran onto this video of Over The Rhine performing at a venue in Memphis that I enjoyed, thought you might as well.  Good art is a very good thing no matter what art form it may be.

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1 Response to The King Knows How

  1. Scott says:

    I been digging Patty Griffin for a long time now. Flaming Red is one of my favorite albums of hers.

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