Pirate Monk Podcast

Albrecht Dürer's Woodcut of Sampson and the Lion

So I was interviewed for a podcast as of late by Nate Larkin the founder of a wonderful group of men out of Nashville called “Samson Society.”  The thought behind their name is that David in the Old Testament had Nathan to call him on his stuff, while Samson didn’t have any brothers holding him accountable, and look what happened to him!

It’s a great group of guys, being real and supporting one another.  Below is the link to their website.  Scroll down, to the “Pirate Monk Podcast” window.  And within that window you’ll find the link to my talk with them.  The interview with me is Episode 79, with the title of the book “A Bigger World Yet…” as the tag.


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2 Responses to Pirate Monk Podcast

  1. Tim, I am enjoying reading your musings and ponderings. It is all good stuff for growth! Keep it up!

  2. Scott says:

    I have listened to this podcast many times. The conversation puts a nuanced description on areas of the subject that are aren’t normally heard. Ive found it real helpful. something to put in the arsenal! Thanks.

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