"Stream" 18"x8", oil on wooden panel, 2012

Here is one of the other pieces that I recently finished and have in the faculty art show that is up for its last week here.  This painting came very slowly, but I think it part it was due to the very nature of the piece.  Some things must come out in time.  I’ll post the sculpture this is based on in the future.

Part of the concept behind this piece was that the tears of the one character is the very thing that is keeping the little fish alive.  Conceptually, something I have found true in the testimony of others lives and my own.  As difficult as sorrow can be, it can have some very amazing fruit in life, that I believe can’t come about in any other way.

Well, there’s something to contemplate at least for today….

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1 Response to Stream

  1. Kathy Farmer says:

    The Man of Sorrows holding us close and we’re happy while He pours out His life for us. Thanks for another great piece, Tim!

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