Good Relational Reads

I find a variety of things influencing my art and life.  For a winter night may I recommend two books I have read as of late that I found good fodder for thought?  Here they be:

The Author Shusaku Endo

Title:  Deep River  Author:  Shusaku Endo

His book Silence  knocked my socks off many years ago with the harrowing dilemma of faith it proposed.  Deep River continues examining faith this time looking at it through our longing for resolution both relationally and spiritually.  Following a group of older Japanese tourists traveling to India, their back-stories unfurl before us revealing secret motives and hopes of resolution that are drawing all of them on the trip.  Profoundly aware of a God that pursues us like a lover, Endo paints a broad picture of humanity longing for hope, connection, and redemption or simply journeying to say thank you.

Title:  Doc  Author:  Mary Doria Russell

I fell in love with Mary Doria Russell with the amazing spiritual science fiction novels, The Sparrow, and Children of God.   Creating the western themed historical novel Doc was a wonderful surprise to read from her.  Still showing her skill in creating three-dimensional profoundly human characters, Doc follows the life of Doc Holiday, of the famous Tombstone Arizona gunfight.  The books surprised me as being a story of friendship and survival.  It’s worth your time indeed.

The Author Mary Doria Russell and her book “Doc” (Although unintentional with the photos I chose here, it seems to have your hand on your chin is a good move if you are an author getting your photo taken.)

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1 Response to Good Relational Reads

  1. I too have read Mary Doria Russell’s books. Very creative author.
    I like her style of Sci Fi.

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