Summoning Adam

Here's the cover to their August edition, which is good indeed I'm sure, but you want to pick up the Nov/Dec 2011 edition- "Summoning Adam"

I recommend that you pick up a copy of PRISM magazine’s Nov/Dec issue entitled: “Summoning Adam.”  Lots of good articles in there…

The issue specifically speaks of men of faith who are on the front line of putting their hands and feet to the hard work of embodying what they believe.  From helping men get out of prostitution, to working with men in prison, to working to shut down porn shops the men in the articles in this issue are not men of words, but men of action and true conviction.  Here’s a link to PRISM’s website:

In the spirit of full self disclosure, I’m in one of the articles called “The Measure of a Man” where they interviewed 5 of us asking specifically what is God’s call on men’s hearts and how can the church help do that.  Here is a link to the article:

In one of the articles the director of Emmaus Ministries in Chicago told an analogy I really liked:  A man dies and goes and to heaven and saint Peter greets him.  Saint Peter asks the man to roll up his sleeves so he can see his arms.  The man asks “Why?”  To which St. Peter responds “I want to see your scars.”  When the man rolls up his sleeves and sheepishly says “I don’t have any.”  Peter simply replies, “Was there nothing on earth worth fighting for?”

Blessings-  Tim


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2 Responses to Summoning Adam

  1. Scott says:

    Really liked your article in Prism. I also bummed into this article from a recent issue of Prism.

    A very different Man with very different life experience coming to strikingly similar conclusions from his work with men. Thought you might enjoy the article.

    Many blessings to you in the New Year!



  2. Yes I read that article and found it very interesting as well. The whole issue I feel really addressed the issue of “men” in a very enlightening and engaging way. Thanks for your comments here Scott-

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