Reims Cathedral at 800 (Happy Birthday)

The other teacher and I entered our hotel lobby in Reims after a late dinner.  The concierge behind the desk said in his best English, “What are you doing here?  You should be at the Cathedral!”

The Reims Cathedral lit up as if it was a child's coloring book.

In celebration of 800 years of being around, Reims cathedral has an electronic light show that is happening on its facade every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night this summer at 10:30.  It is amazing.  The light show made the cathedral appear to be made entirely out of stained glass, or as if it was a tapestry.  They also showed the drawing of the cathedral, as well as the construction.  In addition they give you a splendid version of what the cathedral look liked originally, for like all cathedrals, it was painted.  Did you know that about those old cathedrals in Europe?  It’s only over time that all those statues have lost their original colors. Think an illuminated manuscript in three dimensions.

Here is a French news report showing you some video of the show.  Absolutely wonderful.  If you’re in France- you should drop by indeed.

Here they made it appear as if the cathedral was being constructed.

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  1. Mother of Hope says:

    love the cathedrals…

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