Austin Tott’s Portrait of the Artist

Austin Tott's portrait of Tim Timmerman

Shocking really.  Austin Tott is a VERY talented student that we have who has been working on a 365 photo project where he is creating one photo a day.  Having seen his work, and the sense of adventure in his images  I invited him to look at the work of photographer Oliver Herring.  After doing so and inspired by Herring, we decided that I would stand outside and spit food dye all over myself. The things professors do for students…  After various takes he asked me if I could “get angry.”  Being outside, I let things fly.  This was the result.

Perhaps down the line here, I’ll show you some of the other takes from the shoot.  They’re pretty intriguing.

To see more of Austin’s work click here:

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2 Responses to Austin Tott’s Portrait of the Artist

  1. Rick says:

    Very nice…very nice…especially the green teeth.

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