The Journey of “A Bigger World…” One

Part of a sketch I entitled "growth model" found in the book.

So the book “A Bigger World Yet, Faith, Brotherhood, and Same Sex Needs” has been in the hands of others now for over a month.  It’s been interesting seeing the books get out there.  I feel like they’re little seed packets.  I have to wonder what kind of soil they’ll land on. Here are some interesting bullet points regarding the book in the last month.

•  A bookseller who I don’t know very well, came up and hugged me after she had been reading the book.  She simply said “Thank you for your boldness and willing to put this out there.”

•  I got a very kind note from a therapist in Los Angeles who said, “I have just finished reading “A Bigger World Yet.” I am stunned at the magnificent shot to the heart of men, women, gay men, ssa men, this country and the church which you have let fly from your bow of experience and faith. Actually, the book I longed to write has now already been written, and I am in awe of how revolutionary and loving it is.”  He’s recommending the book to his clients, and I know of three other therapists that have ordered a stack of books and are doing the same.

•  A student at George Fox referred to the book as a “cheese grater for his soul.”

•  Thaddeus Heffner, a therapist in Nashville put up a blog post mentioning the book as well as putting up several quotes:

•  Of the number of men and women of influence that I have gotten the book off to, the two that have replied back to me are Catholic.  My buddy Mike says that’s because Catholics think and read.  There responses have been very kind and it’s clear to me they are men that are very much willing to jump in the fray if they aren’t doing it already.

•  And there are just a number of stories that are just heart warming, men that have told me they are risking with their friends, being honest, forgiving, finally telling their parents of sexual abuse that happened to them as a child and the like.  It’s humbling.

•  My Aunt said she only found one spelling mistake in the book.  (I actually know there is more.)

If you don’t have a copy of the book and are interested.  Here is the Amazon link:

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