1919 French postcards reconfigured

Angela Cazel Jahn"What Mankind Could" 2010

I was invited this Spring to create a piece for the Bush Barn Art Center down in Salem, specifically for an exhibit that opens up here in May called “Rock Paper Scissors.”  In the winter while down in Arizona I saw two painting/collage on glass pieces by Angela Cazel Jahn (http://www.cazeljahn.net/).  Very illustrative in nature I liked her use of patterns and the playful character of her work. Moreover, in teaching Mixed Media this semester, I thought this would be a fun assignment for the students, and in the process of creating a couple pieces myself that integrated collage and painting, I would have some work that fit into the parameters of the “Rock Paper Scissors” show for Bush Barn here in May.

I had old postcards I had gotten in St Mere Eglise, France two years ago, as well as some old mining certificates, letters, and Berean Bible cards from the early 20th century. I decided to use these as the basis of my collage.  Here are images of the two works in progress:

Here with the piece "Company," the collage part done, I'm now figuring out the location of the other elements I'm going to be painting in the composition.

Here I am working on "The Steadfast." I'm building a figure in the piece out of a colored paper and various postcards.

The collage part of "The Steadfast" done, I'm now figuring out the location of what will be the painted elements.

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