Allegra Villella’s: Portrait of the Artist

Allegra Villella's Portrait of Tim Timmerman

Let the portraits begin!  As mentioned March 15 and 28, I am the subject matter that the intermediate photography students had to contend with for a project.  To mix it up, I decided to shave my beard in the process, so you’ll see a variety of facial hair in these as each student got me in a different stage.

Allegra Viellella often works in diptychs.  Here is a link to her site:  She is a delightful young woman who, when taking her photographs, asked what object represented me.  I didn’t say a phone, but it does encapsulate the concept of what I was going for. She came up with a very fine substitution.

I’ll let you make your evaluations as to what it could possibly mean.  Art is always up for interpretation isn’t it?

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1 Response to Allegra Villella’s: Portrait of the Artist

  1. K Farmer says:

    You’re well grounded….good communicator….old fashioned yet open for new ideas….ready to peel back the layers…. black and white surface yet underneath the colors are there ready to spring forth….

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