A John Bennett Portrait

A John Bennet photo taken at a local Chiniese resturaunt.

Now, our photo teacher at the University has done this one time before to me. Not just taken a picture of me, he’s done that more than once, but John has offered me up as a “project” for his photo students.  All of his intermediate and advanced students have to take a photo portrait of me for one of their assignments.  A condition I gave is I get to post what they created here (giving them credit of course). Let’s see what shows up and maybe then I’ll have you vote as to which you like best.

John took a couple of “sample” photos of me to get them moving, this being one of them.  We’ll see what happens here- I’m just hoping that I don’t have students getting a hold of me the night before it’s due.  That won’t happen, right?  Students NEVER procrastinate.

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3 Responses to A John Bennett Portrait

  1. Brian Fisher says:

    I like the concept and look forward to the images!

  2. MAE says:

    I think this photo will bring you a lucky fortune.

  3. jennifer joy says:

    I know I never procrastinated(haha)…. but, if you feel like someone is watching you the evening before its due, you might look out your window to see a few camera lenses peering back at you while you eat your dinner 😉

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