Illustratively Speaking

Getting to work on some ink and watercolor illustrations for a new edition of a textbook.

I gave permission for a number of my ink and watercolor images to be used as illustrations for a textbook on public speaking several years back.  “Public Speaking, Concepts and Skills for a Diverse Society” 6th edition had a number of my works in it.  Apparently it’s time for a seventh edition!  I have been speaking with Clella Jaffe, the author and a colleague and friend of mine here at work, and decided to do some illustrations including the cover special for her (before she exclusively used imagery that I already have).  It’s fun diving back into doing watercolors after being away from that media for a while.

Here is an image of me plugging away in the studio on some of the pieces I’m doing for her.  The large red image on the right is the front cover in process. I’ll show you the finished results when they’re good to go.

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