A Revised Street Where You Live

"On The Street Where You Live" Tim Timmerman, oil on wood and assemblage, 22"x22"4" 2010

An image showing you light behind the rods that shows you their variety of colors.

On October 4th I put up a post regarding this piece.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take a good photo of it.  Here’s a better one than the first.

This work was created in collaboration with a local show that dealt with rendering trees in our fair little town.  The tree at the top of the image is based on a loopy old tree a block down the street from me that I walk by almost daily.  The image on the left is actually a graph of my street, the glass rods indicate the placement of the trees (there are actually three different colors of rods, each depending on the size of the tree).  My house is second to the bottom on the left in the graph.  I own a scotty dog, that does like to bark at the local squirrels, referenced by the assemblage on the right.  And yes, like any neighborhood worth its salt,  kids like to play on and around the street as found in the central sewn image that I adjusted for my use.

Go say “hi” to your neighbors….

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1 Response to A Revised Street Where You Live

  1. lomagirl says:

    If I ever get my project “Who is my Neighbor” together, this would be a great piece for it. It’s a web page project that’s been in my head for eons- and I have the domain name- just not the time!

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