A Splendid Reception

Some folks contemplating the work.

Well, thank you to all of you that made it to the University of Portland reception last Thursday.  A special nod of thanks to Lauri and Shanon who put together the reception.  It was absolutely wonderful.

I took the exhibition down yesterday, and was touched by many of the kind comments made about the show. Thanks for coming out and supporting the arts!

Kathy Farmer and grand baby checking out the art. All photos courtesy A.J. Allen

Me chatting with my friend and artist, Ann Thompson.

What does it all mean?

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2 Responses to A Splendid Reception

  1. lomagirl says:

    Congratulations! When you have a show in Dallas, I’ll definitely go.

  2. Kathy F says:

    Hi Tim,
    Yes, Lauri and Shanon did a wonderful job in creating a very nice ambiance to the reception! Congratulations on another FAB – u – lous art reception!

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