Portrait of the Artist as a 33-Year-Old man.

"The 33-year-old man," colored pencil on paper, approx 8"x6", 2001, private collection AZ

I’m teaching drawing 2 this semester, and currently have them working in colored pencil.  It is a media I use to do a lot of work in for over ten years.  I like it for its’ immediacy, and its’ watercolor like quality of layering up colors.

Ten years ago I did a series of seven pieces, each representing a different aspect of my identity.   I was involved with a men’s group at the time and we had done a psychological exercise of looking at different aspects of who we were.  I thought it would be curious after that evening, to do a drawing of sorts of each aspect I discovered.

I showed the seven of these colored pencil works to my drawing class and thought I’d introduce you to these parts of me as well on the blog.  Watch for the other six to show up here over the next month or so.

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1 Response to Portrait of the Artist as a 33-Year-Old man.

  1. Brian Fisher says:

    Tim, I am intrigued. I will be making a self- portrait for a show this summer. I’ve been considering silhouettes with objects as psychological symbols and subject for my self- portrait.
    Can’t wait to see your next self-portrait.
    I always enjoy your blog.

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