Surrender Everything

A detail of "Surrender Everything"

The largest piece in the current show I have at University of Portland is a work I’ve been plugging away on for some time entitled, “Surrender Everything.”  For the work, I wanted to create sculptural figures that were a bit more dominant than they can often be in my work.  I was pleased with the results.  It took some negotiating as to how to piece it together, but through a lot of screws, and deciding to bolt the figures to the base, we had success.

If you look at an earlier post I wrote on St. Jerome you can see a painting that has the lion I based mine on for this work, along with one of the images  of Jerome I was looking at to create the large wooden figure.  The lion is a development of the gouache and watercolor images I have been doing smaller over the years that I would also create temporary versions of on gallery walls.

I wondered what would happen if I actually made a illuminated manuscript type figure large, that is actually a physical part of the piece.  He very much “speaks his mind” in the work visually, and I like how he references too the folk tradition of wooden cut outs.

Hope your Sunday is going well.  Hope to see you at the closing reception a week from Thursday (the 3rd) at University of Portland (from 5-7).

Tim Timmerman, "Surrender Everything" oil on wood, found objects, glass, cast glass, and plaster. Approximately 3 1/2'x 5' (click image to see image larger).

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2 Responses to Surrender Everything

  1. Jill says:

    Hi Tim! I thought this show was at Univ of Portland? I want to make sure we show up at the right place next Thursday. Looking forward to seeing it!

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