Bound for Glory with Alison Saar

Discord (2009) wool, steel, fiberglass, coal, and Styrofoam, 104 x 40 x 40 inches. Courtesy of LA Louver Gallery and the artist

My sculpture class ventured to Lewis and Clark College in Portland to the see the Alison Saar sculpture exhibit they have up till December 12.  It is well worth the visit.  Be sure to get over there before it closes.

I was introduced to the installations and work of Alison’s mother Betty in L.A., and soon thereafter to Alison’s work.  Both make thoughtful work worth engaging with.

Looking at the exhibition “Bound for Glory” at Lewis and Clark I found my self sad, not because of the topic of her work (which provides plenty of time for sincere reflection), but because there isn’t more work like it.  Her art means something with intention.

Bat Boyz (2001) baseball bats and pitch, 34 x 12 x 12 inches. Courtesy of LA Louver Gallery and the artist.

In my notes in my sketchbook I wrote that the work seems to hold out the hope that in naming things, in making artwork on difficult topics, there is a belief that it can open peoples eyes and change is a possibility.  There seemed to be a desire for relief in the work; like letting go of a big sigh.  A tension and release that if you name the wound life can be different and perhaps you can move to a new place of hope.

Here are some of my other bullet points about the show:

• A belief in the figure.

Blood / Sweat / Tears (2005) wood, copper, bronze, paint, and tar, 72 x 24 x 20 inches. Courtesy of LA Louver Gallery and the artist.

• We are vessels of flesh and bone in this life that record and represent greater things thank ourselves.

• There is more than meets the eye.

• Craftsmanship matters.

• The story of our lives matters.

• Making something is a worthwhile endeavor to engage in.

• Take time to do it right.

• One must name the darkness if they hope to ever see the light.

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