Going Local….

So I now have two works of art that are currently up in the fine town of Newberg. Get over here and check em out.

A local artist and designer Jennifer Varner, had the wonderful idea of putting an exhibition at one of our local coffee haunts, “Coffee Cottage” (http://www.coffeecottagecafe.net/) about local trees.  She asked artists to create a piece of artwork that has a tree from Yamhil county in it.  I couldn’t resist.  I decided upon on rendering a wonderful loopy old tree that I pass almost daily on Edwards and Sheridan.  I had a nice time putting together a playful assemblage around the painting that I aimed to capture a bit of the nature of our street.

The show will be up for the month of October- check my piece out above the piano when you’re at Coffee Cottage picking up one of their wonderful “baked daily” scones; at a steal at $2.25 let me tell you…  Just say no to Starbucks.

"On The Street Where You Live" Tim Timmerman; mixed media assemblage, oil on wood; Oct 2010 (I'll get a better photo of this some time soon here for you.... But hey, you get the idea. The image on the left is actually a graph of the trees on Edwards in Newberg between Franklin and Sherman).

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  1. lomagirl says:

    This is very fun- I like!

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