Why I love Sister Wendy….

Well, to be honest there are multiple reasons…  Nothing like a delightful British woman who has devoted her life to prayer and art.  In heaven I look forward to talking with her for some time.

I”m teaching a course on contemporary art this semester I recently showed this clip of Bill Moyers interviewing Sister Wendy.  In it they were discussing  Andres Serrano’s photograph “piss Christ,” and nudity in art.  I love how she turns the tables upside-down in her remarks.  Her dialog about art that is “comforting” is wonderful –  Check it out.

“If people can look, and look, and always come away from a work of art enriched it is a great work of art.”  Sister Wendy

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2 Responses to Why I love Sister Wendy….

  1. Kathy Farmer says:

    I’ve seen sister Wendy on a number of TV shows and she is a delight to the soul. How refreshing to hear her opinion from a sister’s pov. Thanks, Tim….have a great year at Fox!

  2. lomagirl says:

    She is so thoughtful in her reaction- not reactionary. Very refreshing these days.
    I find my thinking about academia reflects this idea. There is an idea that higher learning and grad school are not conducive to religious thought. But I find that what I learn reinforces my belief in God- not in a reactionary way, but by affirming it, because that is what I bring to the learning.

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