Like a Man on Fire

Tim Timmerman, "The More You Find"; 8" x 8", ink/watercolor on paper, 2005 (private collection)

Much of my art is an act of making images of abstract concepts or ideas.  Within the Christian faith we use terms such as one being “lead by the spirit.”  Although not intentionally I believe that concept is where a small figure came from that began appearing in my sketchbook years ago.

Up on the page one day emerged a walking figure with his hand on his heart with his entire head engulfed in flames. Surrounding him was a environment of questionable intent that he had to negotiate.    There is something quite perilous about being led by another entity and not knowing exactly where you are going.  An experience I think many of faith can relate to; operating not by sight but by the assurance of things not seen and the hope of things to come.

The figure has appeared in at least two watercolors over the years and as of late I have also made a pate de’ verre image of him.  Affectionately, I have called this figure Cardinal Newman after the famous theologian of the 1800’s.  A man who I believe very much walked by the Spirit.

Tim Timmerman; "Fear and the Blind Girl;" ink, watercolor, and gouache, 6 1/2”x8”, summer/05 & 9/09

Tim Timmerman "Cardinal Newman" pate de' verre glass 07/10, 8"x3"x3" (We'll see where he ends up showing up in on of the mixed media assemblage pieces)

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