“Anxiety” a recommended pod cast-

To put up a post about Anxiety it seemed only appropriate to put up an image of George Tooker. He was one of my favorite artists that I discovered in undergraduate.

I’m a big fan of Wisconson Public Radio’s radio and pod cast “To The Best of our Knowldege.”  Each program they interview a series of authors on a given topic.  http://www.wpr.org/book/

One of the most recent ones I enjoyed very much was on “Anxiety”:  http://www.wpr.org/book/100704b.cfm

The three authors that were interviewed (Patricia Pearson, Ethan Watters, Daniel Carlat) were very interesting and I kept thinking of all the art that you could do related to the subject.  It did give me pause to think as the most industrialized country we are the most heavily medicated (in terms of psychiatric drugs) in the world- what’s that about? The story they talk about marking anxiety medication oversees I found a little frightening as well.  Ah, the things folks do to make money….

Hope you enjoy the pod cast.

Here are three of the books they talk about:

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