? – Well, I liked it…

A view of part of "Both, And" at the Newport Visual Art Center in June (Photo Courtesy the Newport Visual Art Center).

At the exhibition “Both, And” that I had in the month of June at the Newport Visual Art Center there was a small visitor registry.  You could write the date, your name, the city you were from and a comment.  Not much room, but you could write a little remark just the same. I thought you might find them interesting.

And here they are, the comments in alphabetical order with punctuation etc… They were very kind indeed.

Beach, ocean, art – Can’t (unable to read last two words)
Both Inspired and refreshing
Enjoyed it very much!
extremely unique and lovely!
extraordinary work (smilie face)
Fabulous as always (smilie face)
Fantastic! Love Imagery
Great Artist & show!
Great colors!
Great work Tim!
I especially like “Some Giants…”
I like the work a lot! Very interesting
I really liked it
Inspired & Encouraged!
interesting detail
if I had money I’d Buy the Glass Work
Love it (smilie face)
Lovely! Unique Small & powerful (can’t read last word)
Thank you!! Creative!!
thank you very nice
These have so many layers of narrative, emotion, thought & hope
Very great concepts!
Very interesting –
Very interesting –
very impressive & clean
Very quaint, nice to look at
? – Well, I liked it…
You talented man

(drawn lips)

Another view of part of the show- photo courtesy the Newport Visual Arts Center

Now I know I may regret this…. at the next exhibition I have you may write some odd comment just to be funny huh?

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1 Response to ? – Well, I liked it…

  1. breadwig says:

    Very cool seeing the comments. Sometime you should put a little comment pad under each painting and see what happens.

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