New York Observed

A veiw of sunset in downtown Manhattan from Jersey City.

On my recent trip to New York I took time in a diner off of Madison avenue on the upper west side to jot down some observations I had made while roaming around the city’s streets.  Here they are for your perusal:

•  Every tree has its own little fence.

•  Blackend gum stains on sidewalks.

•  Security cameras, everwhere.

•  Gates, fences, buzzers, locks.

•  Cafe’s rarely have outdoor seating.  this ain’t Europe.

•  All buisness in the streets, but you do find people being quite friendly one on one in shops.

•  Art Galleries have equal amount shlock to good work as most American cities (keep in mind, just because it is here, doesn’t mean it’s good), New York has volume though; in spades.

• Expensive things, food, life.

•  Fancy brand names, but brand names just the same.

•  People like dogs, no matter how small the space they have.

•  A television for every resturaunt or cafe.

•  Hot dogs, soda, or pretzels on the corner.

•  Taxi

•  An advertisement for a cable show on every bus.

•  All languages spoken here.

•  The museums are going to cost ya.

(Ironically I’m posting this while at my cousin’s farm outside Manhattan Kansas- talk about a change of place!)

A view from the highline park in Chelsea. A park not to be missed when you are in NY it is actually an old freight rail road line they have made into an above ground walking park.

Some parking options in New York city seem to require some creativity. This one just made me nervous to look at.

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