Bad Things Happen to Good Art

Brothers; 15" x 10", glass), kilnworked glass with anodized aluminum stand; 2007 BEFORE

Well, just picked up my art that was out at the Newport Visual Arts Center for the month of June.

On the day in late May that I went to deliver the work the rain was coming sideways off the ocean and it felt more like April than late spring.  A little old man coming out the Newport Visual Arts Center saw that I was unloading artwork and asked if he could help.  I replied “Sure!” and told him to feel free to get one or two flat boxes that I had sitting in the back of my car.  He picked up two.

No One is Counting but You; 15" x 10", kilnworked glass with anodized aluminum stand; 2005 BEFORE

Getting to the door to the center before I could get there he attempted to open it.  Unfortunately he had chosen to only hold onto the bottom box he was carrying.  In opening the door, the top box slipped off the other and dropped flat from about three feet off the ground.  I said a very bad word under my breath and grabbed the box off the ground and took it inside the gallery.

They had been padded for the trip, but not for being dropped.  I found both glass pieces that were in the box shattered.  The old gentleman said “I didn’t break them did I?” I replied, “Yes, you broke both of them.” To which he replied after a moment, “Well, now you can make a stained glass window out of them!” and went on his way.  I sat on the floor of the gallery and had a moment.

We’ll see what I’m able to salvage of these, or at least parts of them. Next exhibition I’m unloading everything out of the car, until everything is in the gallery and insured.

"Brothers" after being dropped.

"No One is Counting But You" after being dropped.

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7 Responses to Bad Things Happen to Good Art

  1. bob says:

    Gotta say- The breaks on the Brothers piece add perhaps a bit of unintended yet poignant meaning.
    🙂 #lookingonthebrightside

    • abiggerworldyet says:

      Good call to you and Darryl on your comments Bob- I’m sure they’ll show up some where in some form elsewhere – who knows with an even richer meaning! Ah – brokeness it happens eh?

  2. Darryl says:

    Wow, sad to hear that. On a positive note, I expect (after you live with their brokenness awhile) that they’ll be reborn in some kind of assemblages that will be great.

  3. Crystal Ayala says:

    the breaks look like tree limbs.

  4. Jon Ransom says:

    that’s so tragic. I know we’re supposed to be kind to the elderly but seriously, the gall of that guy to say what he did. he took on too much by taking the two boxes, but accidents happen. I know you’ll be able to recover. go make art.

  5. lomagirl says:

    what happened to a simple, “I’m sorry.” It can’t fix anything, but at least it helps you feel a little better.
    I’m sorry that happened. The pieces are beautiful though- good art indeed. As your other commenters said, I’m sure you’ll make something wonderful from the brokenness.

  6. bryan b says:

    Oh man. That hurts. Bad.

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