The Marquetry of Tattered Walls

* ALISON ELIZABETH TAYLOR Squatter Doorway, 2009 Wood veneer, shellac 53 X 46 1/2 inches

While wandering around as many galleries I could in the Chelsea district in New York as of late, one show that struck me with it’s skill and concept was Alison Elizabeth Taylor’s exhibition “Foreclosed” at the James Cohan Gallery.

Using the traditional method of doing inlays of wood veneers called marquetry, Taylor created a variety of wooden panel images in different varieties and colors of wood showing parts of walls that had been dismantled or torn apart by their disgruntled owners.  The show was interesting both in concept and method, a hard combo to come by these days.  You can see more of her work on the James Cohan Gallery website:

Ironically I was listening to a podcast that I get, Studio 360 with Kurt Anderson, only to find that he featured her in a recent radio interview.  It’s worth a listen:

* ALISON ELIZABETH TAYLOR Security House, 2008-10 Wood veneer, shellac 93 X 122 inches

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