"Stay" Tim Timmerman, oil on wooden panel / reclaimed wood / cast bronze / found objects (windmill toy, church); 20”x28”x4”; 5/10,

Well, I just took down my work from the “Assembled” show at the Bush Barn in Salem.  Everyone is now safely back here at home.

For whatever reason I have a very special relationship with this particular piece that was in the show, and I’m not quite sure why.  The bronze dog in it was cast a couple of years ago three times, and this is the last version of it I have.  It seemed appropriate to have him be my central living character in the piece.  It does seem like in this work there is a nod to the regionalists like Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood, and perhaps my mom’s Kansas roots are showing up in this one.  She was a woman who adored windmills.  When negotiating a title for this work I was thinking of my dog, now a year old and the standard phrase that perhaps even God has been communicating to me as of late.

Hope you be good-  Tim

"Stay" detail of the church, painting and reseviour

"Stay" detail of the bronze dog and windmill. Sorry that it's a bit burry- must photograph this again.

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1 Response to Stay

  1. jennifer joy says:

    I love the movement and texture of the painting portion. There is such a lovely flow that your eye must follow from the storm to the windmill, the dog, the church and back around again!

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