Agnes Martin Falling Blue, 1963; painting; oil and graphite on canvas, 71 7/8 in. x 72 in. (Clotheir mentions her when he writes about artists whose work is self referential).

Just finished a little book called “Persist, In Praise of the Creative Spirit in a World Gone Mad With Commerce”  by Peter Clothier that was recommended to me by my friend, Dan Callis.

It is a quick read that comes across with some good life lessons and thoughts about continuing to be an artist even if one doesn’t necessarily “make a living” from sales of the art work.  He had some nice points, and the book is interspersed with comments on breathing and relaxation.

Here is a quote I liked:  “All too frequently we allow the fads and fashions of others to define the ways in which we make art and the ways we talk about it.  But the act of creation, as I understand it, is in part a gesture of freedom.  It’s a way of leaving some no longer part of ourselves behind, of casting off just one more link to the chains that hold us back.”

Peter Clothier has a blog you can check out more of his thoughts and musings  at:

My basic notes from the book would be:

Sandow Birk, "The Tempest" Sumi Ink, India Ink, Shoe Polish on Paper, 46" x 74". 2010 (this artist Clothier mentions when talking about artists who speak against injustice. Oil spill, injustice indeed right now.)

•Take time to look, breathe, and have a space for quite contemplation every day.

•Have a community around you that knows and supports you in your life and art practice.

•Know your own story and history and ways that you may be sabotaging your creativity.  Recruit those parts of yourself to be your allies rather than your enemies (think in Jungian terms here of owning your shadow).

•Trust the inner need, even the inner wound, that your work may come out of.

•Beauty does matter, as well as art that may challenge injustice and abuses of power.

•Look at your own story and heart for inspiration.  Tell people who you are.

•We are “stewards” of what we have in this life not “owners.”

•Did I mention breathe?

(a link to the artist Sandow Birk’s work is:

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