A place to enter inside; in community.

As mentioned in a previous post I have been reading through a book that’s reflecting on the men’s movement in the 90’s. I’m finding it very assuring, and it’s getting me to reflect upon my own entrance into that community in 1997, and my membership in that body since.

Here is a quote of James Hillman talking about what men’s weekends are about-

“What I have discovered is that large retreats or weekend events with men can take a man farther than he can go in an individual therapy situation.  There is an emotional experience at those events that is not only allowed but reqiured.  The Dionysian retreat world is the communal world, in contrast to the Apollonic lecture world, which is more reflective and conversational.”

James Hillman (From the article:  Finding the Door in The Forest by William Finger in the book Wingspan Inside the Men’s Movment)

I’m reflecting on this right now as a dear friend of mine enters a week long such retreat that began this evening.

-Many blessings to you Barry, God will meet you indeed.  I know it.-  Tim

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