Reddenda est Terra Terrae

"Reddenda est Terra Terrae," Tim Timmerman, oil on wooden panel / reclaimed wood / pate de verre / aluminum / gold leaf / casting resin / wax medium / cedar needles; 31 ½”x17 ¼”x9”; 4/10,

Right after college I got a t-shirt that had that Latin saying on it.  If I recall correctly it means “what comes from the earth must go back to it.”  When I was working on the concept of this piece and contemplating a title I felt that “Reddenda est Terra Terrae” was very appropriate.

When working on the painting in the work I wanted the hills (based on images I took of sunset in Eastern Oregon in the fall), to echo the form of the body that I did in pate de’ verre.  The sides of the work is cedar needles (collected from Champoeg state park here in Oregon) that I then covered in casting resin, sanded, and then finshed with a wax.

This piece is currently in the “Assembled” exhibition up at the Bush Barn Art Center in Salem.

•Reddenda est Terra Terrae, detail of the pate de' verre figure.

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1 Response to Reddenda est Terra Terrae

  1. Bryan B. says:

    This mix of techniques has produced something really stunning. The translucency is way cool, and works really well with colors and imagery. Well done sir, well done. I diggit.

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