Much to Contemplate at “Assembled..”

Clearly much to look at here - Ransom and Kathy (avid blog followers!) and another gallery goer try to figure the work "Reddenda est Terra Terrae" out.

Friend and colleauge Corey Beals surveys the work.

Well the openings for “Assembled Narratives in Wood and Metal” at the A.N. Bush Gallery at the Bush Barn in Salem went very well.  Thought I’d share a bit of the event with you here.

Five of the pieces that were in the show I haven’t posted here yet (although you’ve seen some of thier parts).  I’ll post images of them soon.

Thanks for all of you that came out to the show.  If you haven’t been able to get out there, the exhibit will be up till the latter part of June, so you’ve got some time here.

A five person exhibit other artists include Rick Bartow, Andries Forie, and Chris Griffin. (Thank you Andries by the way for recommending me to be a part of this exhibition!)

Some more work ("Traveler," "The Whole Night Sky,").... these should look familiar to you.

You can see me yammering on to my fellow faculty member and friend Melanie Hulbert about the work.

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1 Response to Much to Contemplate at “Assembled..”

  1. Kathy Farmer says:

    woo hoo….thanks for sharing these pictures, Tim! It was indeed a fun evening….

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