A Cry For Friendship.

A very nice print of David and Johnathan likely from the 1800's - sorry I can't figure out who created it.

There was a very nice article as of late in The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled “Faux Friendships” By William Deresiewicz (thank you Rick for sending this on to me).  It’s well worth the read.


Its nice to see others fighting on this front and grieving the loss of “the friend” in our culture.  Too many seem content with the vapid and shallow so called acquaintances in our day and age that many (Christians being no different) passively embrace.

No wonder Mother Theresa would comment that America was the poorest country she ever came to, because we were the loneliest people she ever encountered.

Go hug someone.

Blessings-   Tim

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1 Response to A Cry For Friendship.

  1. abiggerworldyet says:

    Just another note here- I just heard the author Bill McKibben speak on the radio program and podcast with the Wisconsin Public Radio program “To The Best of Our Knowledge.”

    He said that people in our day and age have only HALF the amount of close friends than we did fifty years ago- seems we haven’t done a very good job building community indeed.

    So much for “really” being connected at heart on-line etc… This is perhaps a good place for surface connection but can’t replace REAL in your life relationships.

    (from episode “Sacred Nature” broadcast on 5/02/10)

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