Tell the story of your own village.

Christian Boltanski, «Réliquaire», 1990

For many years I have been a fan of the artist Christian Boltansky.  Recently I have been reading an interview with him.  Here are some quotes I liked:

“The big problem in art is being able to tell the story of your own village, while at the same time having your village become everyone’s village.  I want to be faceless.  I hold a mirror to my face so that those who look at me see themselves and therefore I disappear.”

“I think that aesthetics means nothing.  There is no such thing as a beautiful or non-beautiful thing.  There is art that works and art that doesn’t.  It’s about whether a work can touch people.”…”Perhaps there’s no such thing as a good or a bad piece, rather it’s about whether a piece can work at one given moment, about whether it can move us and speak to us.  I don’t believe in aesthetics, but then I don’t think anybody does.”

“A good work of art can never be read in one way.”

(all quotes from the book, press PLAY contemporary artists in conversation by Phaidon press)

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3 Responses to Tell the story of your own village.

  1. Jon Ransom says:

    I remember you showing us Christian Boltanski in Contempory Arts and I was so stoked to finally see his work in person at the Pompidou in Paris. His work has always baffled and amazed me. His work has this mysterious, ethereal quality to it.

  2. MAE says:

    I think the ancient Greeks would disagree with his statements on aesthetics.

    We are still left breathless by their art 3000 years later.

    Will people be amazed by Boltanski in 3000 years?

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