May I recommend the ballet?

An Image of "Like a Samba." currently being performed at the Newmark Theater

If you are in the Portland area can I suggest you get to the ballet this weekend?  Oregon Ballet Theater is doing a series of five works called “Duets,” which are worth getting out to (

I will admit, the ballet is something that has really grown on me in the last couple of years.  Prior to that my only experience really was the Nutcracker or something of the like when I was a pup.

My recent years of exposure has been due to befriending two men who are dancers with OBT.  They have opened my eyes up to a world of symmetry, rhythm, and form in a totally different method than what I typically do, or outside the often static arts that I function in.  It’s been wonderful, and actually their work has affected the most recent body of mixed media pieces that I have been working on completing for the show at the Bush Barn Art Center in Salem that will open up the 7th of May (  Details about that in a later post….

OBT is performing at the Newmark theater this weekend for three more performances. Get there if you can; there next production “Bolero” coming June 4-6 at the Keller shouldn’t be missed either.

Below is a video clip of a very small part of one of the works they are doing as part of “Duets” entitled “Like a Samba,” choreographed by Trey Macintyre.  It’s a blast.  This is not OBT performing but another company; the work is getting out to see- indeed.

Click on the below link to see the very intro of the work- it’s not on You-Tube so you have to go to the site to see it:

Now go dance around your living room (-;

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