Near Dweller

An installation shot of Meghan Headly's exhibition "Near Dweller"

Until graduation Saturday the 1st of May, there is a wonderful senior art show up at our Minthorne Art Gallery in the Hoover building at George Fox entitled “Near Dweller.”

Some small very curious little assemblages in the show using pate' verre objects that Meghan created.

A gradating senior of ours, Meghan Headly did a wonderful job creating a body of work that is technically intriguing, and conceptually rich.  Drawing upon her experiences of studying the conflicts in Rwanda and Ireland, she has put together a collection of mixed media works rich as poetry.  Her art gives nods to Robert Rauschenberg, Kathe Kollwitz and others with a painting style and pallete all her own.

If you happen to be in Newberg.  It’s work a look-see.  And yes, I’m bias on this one.

A moving large piece of Meghan Headly's work in the exhibition.

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