Art of the Steal

Saw a movie as of late with Gary Buhler one of our painting professors at Fox that I wanted to recommend to you.

“The Art of the Steal” is a intriguing documentary on the Barns Collection of Post-Impressionist art in Philadelphia.  Barns specified in his will not to ever move the collection from his home, as well as a number of other particulars that the city of Philadelphia seems to be disregarding in the name of getting more tourists and making money.  Some reviews have claimed the movie is one sided but if you look at the will, it does seem that something very unsavory has happened.  Clearly what the man wanted posthumously he is not getting.

Moreover I liked how “The Art of the Steal” gives you a good idea of the big business of museums now a day, paintings that were made to enhance lives and living spaces are now priceless pawns fought over.  Was that the artists intent?  It’s a little disconcerting.

Here some various critiques of the movie:

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  1. lomagirl says:

    The links at the bottom of the post aren’t working, fyi.

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