The Quintet of the Astonished

Jaume Plensa's In the Midst of Dreams 2009

Recently got to the “Disquieted” show at the Portland Art Museum. The title, “A Proposal for Thought,” or “Highlights of Contemporary art from the past 20 years,” seems more appropriate but “Disquieted” is a bit more catchy I suppose, even if the work doesn’t come across as such except for notions regarding traditional art making.

Jaume Plensa’s light up heads are quite wonderful if only they didn’t have text on their faces, and Takashi Murakami has a visually engaging painting in the exhibition.  The highlight for me was Bill Viola’s work, “The Quintet of the Astonished”  I have not cried looking at work since seeing the Ghent Altarpiece this past summer, but this work got to me: A slow moving tenebristic ballet of five individuals reacting to something of devastating proportions I found it moving indeed.  Viola never seems to faulter creating thoughtful work that is technically flawless.

Attached is the You-Tube video of it, but it is far faster then how it is presented in the Museum, nor is it the whole thing and because of its scale it lacks some punch, but you’ll get the idea.  (How’s that for some caveats before hand?)

Go make something-

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  1. MAE says:

    And Parable #1 is…?

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