Name that parable.

Parable #2

Parable #1

Parable: noun; A short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson.

So, I have been invited to participate in an exhibition of works influenced by the parables found in the New Testament.  I have finished the paintings and am currently launching in the pieces sculptural and assemblage frames.

I thought it would be fun to put them out here and see if you can figure out what parables they are of.  Some information (such as figures) are missing because they are going to be a part of sculptural aspect of the work.

So can you name what parables that these paintings are of?  In a couple of weeks I’ll post a comment on this post with the answer.

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8 Responses to Name that parable.

  1. Hi! I am one of Professor Ballinger’s students from his illustration class. I just wanted to thank you for speaking to our class and sharing your art. It is so unique and really engaging! I have helped start art programs at two different churches (both back home and at school) to illustrate the messages weekly, so it was really cool to see the way you incorporate your spirituality into your art.

    Thanks again!

    -Jimi Bonogofsky

  2. Hi Tim, I was in Bryan’s class that you spoke to yesterday, and I wanted to tell you what an inspiration you were! Wow! Your work is so unique and full of meaning. It was really cool to get to see some of it. My husband was in the class also, and he was so inspired that he’s already started trying to make elaborate frames for his paintings. Thanks so much for taking the time out to talk to us!

  3. colephillips says:

    Hey Tim

    I was in Bryan Ballinger’s class today during your presentation, and I wanted to say thanks a whole bunch for doing that for us. You have some really amazing work. It was quite an honor to have you in class today; very internally and creatively inspiring for an up and coming wannabe such as myself.


  4. lomagirl says:

    Parable one- behold I stand at the door and knock? (But is that a parable?)
    Parable two- the sower?
    I like exhibitions that challenge me to create on a biblical theme. I did one for Psalm 23 with pictures of my children- sleeping, battling illness, celebrating birthdays, and swinging. It reimagined the good shepherd as mother.

  5. Kathy F says:

    Parable one… Luke 11:33-36 The Lamp of the Body. Although since you used the “cross and open bible” type door I would also go with Luke 11:5-10 Ask, seek, knock….I can see someone there knocking hard to rouse the sleeping person within the building to get up.

    Parable two…. Luke 15:11-32 The Lost Son…that long, lonely road back home to ask forgiveness of his father.

    Since I only hit one of the Gospels I may see if there are anymore that seem applicable.

  6. lomagirl says:

    Kathy F.- I, too, was reminded of the road home in the second one.

  7. Esmeralda says:

    Hi Tim,

    Wow! what a great page this is. I loved seeing your new work! Hey, I see you incorporated the lamb head into a work. I haven’t yet incorporated the birds you gave me yet, still thinking…
    So, you are carving the figures out of wood now? … isn’t that more difficult to do than clay!

    I miss you Tim.
    Love you, Esmeralda

    • abiggerworldyet says:

      Yes! I did use the lamb head- and quite quickly. Most things sit around for years. Yes- carving the figures in wood is difficult – I have the scars to prove it!

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