Hello New York City

Me and the Guggenheim- kind of disappointing to be honest. They didn't have a lot up, and were between shows.

I was able to spend a couple of days quickly running around New York city the beginning of this week.  I had a wonderful time catching up with friends and seeing as much art as I could cram into a very short period of time.  Man oh man there is so much to see.  Needless to say I need to get back soon.  I feel like I simply scratched the surface of the metropolis’ offerings.

All the public art and buildings were a delight as well as the constant flow of humanity.  People are a very good thing you know

Tall buildings indeed.

The only thing I found very ironic about New York city was the proliferation of Starbucks.  With New York and all of its originality I was intrigued to find out what delightful and innovative coffee shops they had; instead I found the Target of expresso was simply EVERYWHERE.  A friend informed me that since I was on the upper east and west sides I was in areas where mom and pop shops don’t have enough money to start up because the area is expensive.  Seems I need to explore more. Feel free to make recommendations.

New York is a town definitely worth checking out just make sure you are flush with cash. Dinner can easily run you $20, and that’s for a glass of wine and soup.   The city was quite the contrast to my recent trip to Bisbee Arizona; indeed.

Met up with a student of mine Felix who is studying this semester in NY. We had a good time seeing as much as we could of the Met in one day. That building is three blocks long!

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