The art of Bisbee Arizona

Much to check out in Bisbee. And you wondered what to do with those old bottle caps, well now you know. (photo courtesy Aaron Cromer)

Although I grew up in Phoenix Arizona, I had never been down to Tombstone and Bisbee.  When in Arizona the past week I was able to visit a dear friend of mine Aaron in Tucson and we got behind the wheel and went on a day-trip adventure to these two unique desert cities.

It has been said that Bisbee is a mining town that became a refugee for hippies in the sixties.  The town definitely has an individual spirit with its buildings appearing to be assembled out of cast off materials and whatever was at hand.  It also has a thriving art community, not to mention mosaics, welded sculptures, yard art, junk sculptures and murals around every corner.

Some nice welded yard art overlooking the mined hills.

It’ old downtown strip is riddled with galleries and anitique stores.  A gallery that impressed me with its mission was Belleza Gallery.  The artwork was well crafted and catered to a “decorative” market, but what I thought was wonderful is that it was owned and operated by a non-profit called Renaissance House that works to rehibilitate formerly homeless women.  Talk about an art gallery with a heart- too bad there aren’t more of those, spaces that are about making the world a more beautiful place on multiple levels.   There webiste is:

If you were wondering how to decorate the exterior of your home, Bisbee will give you lots of ideas. (photo courtesy Aaron Cromer)

With psychedelic music coming out of it, it was difficult to tell if this was a home or store. Notice this was photographed on the opposite side of the street. (photo courtesy Aaron Cromer)

A unique patio at someones home

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  1. Thank you for kind words about Belleza Art Gallery in Bisbee

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