Artist Shilo Jackson

Miracles and Clown's a delightful illusionistic painting by Utah artist Shilo Jackson

While traveling back to Oregon from Arizona in January I discovered a fun little gallery in the heart of Salt Lake City:  Kayo Gallery, It’s a younger gallery with lots of spirit.  A piece that they had on exhibit when I was there that made me laugh out loud was a taxidermied two headed duckling, you don’t see one of those everyday.

One of their artists and owners Shilo Jackson, does very intriguing trompe l’oeil paintings of paper objects pasted on a board: I gave into the urge and bought the above piece from her.  Her work I found delightful with a nice nod to art history- they’re also quite affordable!  It was good to see some fun art in the heart of Utah.

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  1. kayogallery says:

    I just saw this. Thank you so much!

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