Sketching in Parables

Here are some sketches of some ideas I'm working on based on some parables from the Bible.

Well, I must admit I haven’t been at the blog or working on art as much in the past month or so because I dislocated a rib.  My advice to you is not to do that.  It’s been a journey to recovery as my right arm was completely numb for a week and a half.

All that to say I’m slowly getting back to the art.  Whoo hoo.  Here are some working sketches for a couple of pieces.  I’ve decided to dive in doing renditions of two of the most popular of the parables Jesus told:  the prodigal son, and the good Samaritan.  We’ll see how they turn out.  Nothing like joining the ranks of Rembradnt, and Van Gogh in terms of subject matter.

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Visual Artist Brother Sojourner College Professor Christ follower
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