David Camack Lewis on fire.

Muddy Road by David Camack Lewis; Oil on canvas 46"w x 33"h

I got a recent e-mail from an artist friend David Camack Lewis that he’s updated his website and put up some new paintings. I thought I’d pass his site on to you:


I actually knew of David and his work when he and I both lived in Phoenix Arizona over ten years ago.  I’ve always liked his illustrative and allegorical qualities. (His work kind of reminds me of Chris Van Allsburg a bit- except color:  http://www.chrisvanallsburg.com/flash.html.)

David’s paintings of Portland neighborhoods and houses with “fire” are wonderful to see in person, and this recent set of evening scenes are beautiful.  He really nails night time lighting and has a nice personal style to his work as well.

Check em out.

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