A sketch from Brugge

Tim Timmerman a sketch from museums in Brugge in May of 09

While in Europe this past May with students I attempted to be very faithful in drawing in museums.  Brugge in Belgium is full of a lot of history and wonderful museums.  This is one of my pages from the time I spent there.

The piece on the left is me working out a possible idea of a work incorporating the Father/Son/Holy spirit image I had found at St. John’s Hospital that is on the right.  It was from a tryptic that I found very moving.  In art history the pieta (or Mary mourning over the dead Christ, like the famous one in Vatican sculpted by Michelangelo) is fairly familiar, but I had never seen an image of God the Father holding his dead son; mournfully gazing at the viewer with steadfast resolve.

The cannon image on the uper right is actually a symbol of an individual I found over the fireplace at the Gruuthuse Museum. I found it was quite a different image to use, rather than an animal of some sort to represent oneself.  I thought it was kind of humorous.   How do you view yourself?  “As a firing cannon!”  Let’s just say I’d want that guy on my team.

The image on the upper left was a silver ring that was pulled to call to attention or order a group called “The Holy Ghost Chamber of Rhetoric.”  I thought this too was quite humorous reflecting on my own experience in faculty meetings at a Christian University.  We need such a ring.

Maybe I like to draw things I find moving or funny.

Actually that could be more true than I’m willing to admit.

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