Practicing what I preach

On my January 28th post I spoke of the lost practice of drawing what you see when going to museums and galleries.

Tim Timmerman, sketchbook page Oct 7, 2009; Washington D.C.

Here’s a page from my sketchbook when I was in D.C. in the fall.  My writing is barely legible I know.  Consider me a doctor of sorts, it was for me to refer back to.

I made it a “requirement” of myself that any museum I went into on that trip that I needed to find at least one piece to draw.  Here are the artists that are featured and what museums they were in.

Upper left corner: A work of Sunkoo Yuh at the Renwick Gallery.  Ironically out of all of his ceramic work I choose this one and this view, only to find this is the exact piece and view featured in their advertising material, I found that kind of eerie.

Upper right corner: A piece of Tony Cragg’s at the Hirshorn. I’ve been a fan of his for some time.  He and Moore are both British artists.

Lower left corner: A little copper alloy lion on display at the Museum of African Art.

Lower right corner: Two Henry Moore sculptures in the Hirschorn sculpture garden.  I’ve always been a fan of Moore, in part because he is just a ordinary, stable guy who liked to make art, and stuck to pretty basic themes of women, family groups, and forms within forms.  An interesting event that helped his success was during WWII  he rendered sensitive images of his fellow Londoners hiding down in the tube during air raids, that the British found very ennobling.

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1 Response to Practicing what I preach

  1. David says:

    A good reminder. I don’t get out to museums and galleries nearly as often as I ought, but I will try to make sure that next time I do my sketch book will go with me. I used to love doing that and one picks up a lot of ideas that might otherwise never occur.

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