The Coming Storms

A 12"x12" painting that I have recently completed that will be part of a larger work.

Launching as of late into several 12″x12″ paintings I’m creating of tumultuous weather.  These works will be parts of larger works that include sculpted and assemblage elements.  This time around with the work I’ve chosen to create the figurative or character elements as separate sculptural pieces, rather than paint them into the panel with the landscape.  These figures will sit out front or around the paintings.

I think storms have intrigued me because there in much in this life with its beauty and ferociousness that is out of my control.  It is simply about what choices I make when those storms come, and they do inevitably come.

By the way- I’m working on these for a show I’m in down in Salem at Bush Barn in May.  More info to come later…

Blessings- keep your eyes peeled here in the next couple of months for more paintings and the finished version of these with all their sculpted elements.

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2 Responses to The Coming Storms

  1. J N FALK says:

    Tim you old cumberbun. It was more than a pleasure to see you a few weeks ago. Annie and I had such a great time hanging out with you. You know what? If the offer to come visit you still stands you just might see us. Probably not till June but what the hey. Take care and try not to die like a dog. Jeff

    “Life is like a big donut. It goes round and round and there’s nothing in the middle.”
    Lew Alquist

    • abiggerworldyet says:

      All I can say, is you and Annie BETTER come visit. You have a place to crash and I’ll show you the local art scene!

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