In Hopes There Will be Fruit

"In Hopes There Will Be Fruit;" Tim Timmerman, summer 05 & 8/09; ink watercolor and gouache on paper. I think the Dutch still-lifes I saw earlier in the summer likely influenced this work. Think so?

Well, I’m past the half way through my sabbatical and posting this piece I completed in the late summer seemed appropriate at this time.

Ah- much of life for me seems to involve hoping that something good will be manifested from all the work that this life affords.  All the relationships we hold dear, work invested in, art created, and prayers for it all that get shot up like emergency flairs.  Hope is a good thing to hold on to it seems- keeps me going indeed.

Here’s to the second half of a rest dedicated to investing in family and creating art.

Blessings to you-  Tim

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1 Response to In Hopes There Will be Fruit

  1. Kathy F says:

    Thank you, Tim, for investing your time, effort and art work in this site!
    Hope is, indeed, a good thing to hold onto.

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