Being a Working Artist

Here artist Dan Callis paints outside his Seal Beach studio in an outdoor extension he created to his studio.

I had the privilege over the past month to spend time in the studios of artists Nancy Scarry, Dan Callis and Jeff Falk.  These artists aren’t selling their work for tens of thousands of dollars -yet, but all of them should be, and impressed me with their diligence as artists.  All three have been making art consistently for over twenty years.  They are the work-a-day creators who notoriously plug away making art because it is simply what they do and who they are.

Here are some things I noticed about them as to what it is to be an artist:

Nancy Scarry's studio, full of materials and inspiration.

•  Consistently make work no matter what.  It doesn’t matter if you have an art show you are creating work for or not.  Create images simply because that is what you do.

•  Create an aesthetic environment around you (your home, garden, studio) that inspires you.

•  Keep your eyes peeled out there as to what is going on in the art world. Go to art shows, look at artists work on the internet, and simply never stop looking at what other artists are doing.

•  Create opportunities to get your work out to the public and seen.  Network, build relationships, and nurture the relationships that you have.

•  Stay connected to other artists.

•  No matter how long you have been making art never be afraid to try new materials, a new technique, or expand your style.

•  You may have a day job to pay the bills, but your vocation at heart is simply: Artist.

Nancy Scarry, an artist who simply creates sculpture with a tenatious consistancy.

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