Ruminate Magazine & My Art.

"The Fool Left at the Table," 19"x17"x13"; ink and watercolor on clayboard/clay/wood

Well, I was delighted as of late to get two pieces of mine published  in color in a very thoughtful quarterly journal of faith that reflects upon literature and art: Ruminate Magazine.  I’m in there winter 2009-2010 issue (number 14).  Here’s there website:

“The Fool Left at the Table,”(on left here) is a work I completed a couple of years ago.   Interesting enough, the ink and watercolor painting was created in a hostel Amsterdam in May of 2006 when I found myself awake in the middle of the night while I adjusted to the new time zone.  The construction part of the work was built here in Oregon. This work is featured on the inside of the back cover.

“Traveler” can be found on the back cover and is a painting that has been waiting for its time in the sun for some time.  It is one of the three paintings that I painted in Arizona before I moved to the Northwest.  This winter, I finally finished its assemblage frame.  The photo I’m including is of the completed work.  The magazine features the painting.  Does the painting look familiar?  It can be seen leaning on my shelf on the far left in the photo that serves as my banner for this blog.

Pretty cool to have these things out there in print.  Give the magazine a look-see if you have a chance, you may discover some new writers, poets or artists that you find of interest.

"Traveler" Tim Timmerman, oil on wooden panel/mosaic/assemblage; 6/3 &12/09 (This is the whole image- in the magazine they featured the painting. Once again, this is the last of the three I photographed on my orange wall)

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2 Responses to Ruminate Magazine & My Art.

  1. Wendy C says:

    How cool is that! Love seeing your work getting out to a wider audience!!

  2. Bryan B. says:

    Tim, these pieces are awesome! As usual, I’m in love with the characters in your pieces. Congratulations.

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